You Too Can Wear Kate Middleton Earrings Without Paying Too Much

You Too Can Wear Kate Middleton Earrings Without Paying Too Much

We all know that Kate Middleton is a fashion icon. Ever since she got married almost 10 years ago, Her wedding dress has had thousands of searches. In fact, just this year, there are almost 30,000 searches of Kate Middleton wedding dress.

That's almost 10 years after the wedding!

Also, Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Replica is a very hot keyword. Knockoffs of her wedding dress selling at about $500 are also a hot item.

Recently, she's once again the talk of the town because of the customized necklace she wore. So in this post, we're going to talk about some of the jewelry she wore and how you can get something like that.

Kate Middleton Earrings

All the Falling Stars Earrings

Let's start with the most recent pair of jewelry that made rounds in the news. It's created by an Irish jeweler, and it contains the initials GLC, which stands for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louise. These initials are engraved in the necklace, which comes with a pair of earrings.

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Catherine Zoraida Fern Drop Earrings

The second piece of jewelry we'll be talking about is from the creator Catherine Zoraida. It's called the Fern Drop Earrings. Kate Middleton has worn these earrings on several occasions.

First was when they filmed a video message paying tribute to the frontline workers in Australia. Then when she and her husband hosted a virtual game of bingo for care home residents. She also wore these earrings when she chatted via video with SHOUT volunteers, an organization in the UK helping citizens in crisis. 

She also used them when she launched the hold still photography project. And lastly, when she had a video chat with teachers and pupils at a school in Lancashire. 

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Monica Vinader Siren Earrings

The next pair of earrings we will be talking about is from Monica Vinader. They're called the siren earrings. 

The Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing these on several occasions as well. When she had the Forest School visit and also during the Princess Diana memory garden tour. There’s the 2017 Chelsea Flower Show then when she met with President Francois Hollande in Paris. She also wore them when they had the annual St Patrick's Day Parade and on day four of 2016 Canada tour.

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Simple Filigree Short Drop Earrings

The next pair of earrings we will be talking about is her Simple Filigree Short Drop Earrings. She used these on three occasions, at least publicly. One was during the day five of their visit to Pakistan when she and her husband returned to the Lahore orphanage.

The second occasion was when she was at the Family Nurse Partnership. Lastly, she was seen wearing them when they had the back to nature garden project.

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Mirabelle Lolita Earrings

The fifth pair of earrings, we'll be sharing with you is the Mirabelle Lolita earrings. She wore these when she attended the 1851 Trust roadshow. Also, when she and her husband, watched Wimbledon, and when they attended an event held by The Fostering Network

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Annoushka Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings

The sixth pair is from Annoushka Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings. There are actually several occasions when she used them, so we are assuming these are her favorites. We are mentioning here some of the events when she used them.

One was when they had The Work of Family Links at Primary School Visit in Oxford. She was seen wearing the pair during a tennis engagement. She also donned them during the Great Ormond Street Hospital, Hornsey Road Children’s Centre, and V&A’s Exhibition Road Quarter visit.

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Oscar De La Renta Pearl Earrings

The seventh pair we're showing you is the Oscar De La Renta pearl earrings. She also wore these earrings on a Wimbledon event although we can't remember exactly what year.

The Duchess was seen wearing this pair when she attended a briefing for the Heads Together Charity, the 2016 Festival of Remembrance, the Recovery Street Film Festival, and day of engagements in Manchester.

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Patrick Mavros Ocean Tides Milky Quartz Earrings

The pair of earrings are from Patrick Mavros called Ocean Tides Milky Quartz Earrings. Kate Middleton was seen wearing these on Mental Health Week launch, international nurses day, chat with veterans on VE day, and Maternal Mental Health Week.

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Bhutanese Earrings

This nice pair of earrings don't have an exact name but was instead named after the place where she got it from. She wore these on the final day of the Royal Tour to the Taj Mahal.

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Links Of London Hope Egg Earrings

The last pair of earrings we're sharing with you is called the Links Of London Hope Egg Earrings. She wore these during her visit at Dulwich Picture Gallery, at the Forum & Mason tea with the queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and her visit in Ottawa and Montreal.

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Which of these Kate Middleton earrings you love best? And which would you like us to feature next time?


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