Here’s What The 12 Really Gemstones Mean

Here’s What The 12 Really Gemstones Mean

What does each gemstone symbolize?

We asked ourselves this question and we found the following information too good not to share!

Gemstones Meaning


Garnet is one of the oldest gemstones in history. It was even believed that it existed during the biblical times, with some experts claiming that Noah was able to navigate the ark using garnet.

In fact, in the very distant past, garnet was said to be used as a lamp. Someone would use a garnet as a necklace or like a torch and use it to see in the dark. It's not impossible because of its hue. 

It is also believed to cure indigestion and sore throats. Although it was not clear how garnet is really able to do that, prehistoric people believe that if you wear it somewhere in your body, you’ll be relieved of indigestion and sore throat.

Also, another use of garnet is protection against evil thoughts and plagues. It can also stimulate your senses and it increases stamina and vitality.

Business-wise, garnet is used as a stone for business success. So, businessmen before would put a garnet stone on their table so that they could be successful in their venture. 

If you have them at home, it will help stimulate your devotion to your family and friends. Also, it will help you focus on your goals.


Amethyst is a stone used by warriors to help them remain calm during a battle. Also, it is believed in the past to ward off witchcraft.

According to some experts an amethyst will help prevent you from getting drunk if you put in under your tongue while drinking. Although  we can’t imagine how that's possible without swallowing the gemstone. An alternate method is to drink wine from a chalice made of amethyst. 

Just like garnet, amethyst is also believed to dissipate evil thoughts and ensure clarity of vision and emotional stability. That's why the warriors would bring it to their battle so they would remain calm. It's also believed to help you with your alertness so you can make decisions quickly. 


Aquamarine is a symbol of happiness and youth. It’s used by sailors before so they could become fearless. It helped them have courage so that they can go through dangerous ventures on the ocean. So it's kind of called the stone of courage. It also helps alleviate fears and phobias. So, if you are scared of something, have an aquamarine with you, and it will help you become braver.

Also just like the garnet and amethyst, an aquamarine also helps you meet your goals and focus. It helps you keep on track and also it guarantees your success. So businessmen would also put aquamarines in their offices, so they could be successful.


A diamond, as we all know, is a symbol of wealth, good fortune, and power. But not all diamonds have the same effect. For a diamond to be called a symbol of wealth, it has to be flawless. Otherwise, it has the opposite effect, meaning it will give you bad luck. It will send you to poverty and also it will make you age faster.

Aside from these traits, diamonds are also believed to foster bonding in relationships. Maybe that is the reason diamonds are popular for engagement and wedding rings. 

Metaphysically, diamonds have aspects, believed in the olden times, that can heal. It was considered a master healer because according to anecdotal evidence, diamond fosters longevity. Maybe it is because diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity among all the natural materials which is why it's considered as a stone or a gemstone for everlasting in abundance, wealth, and power. Maybe the phrase “Diamonds are forever” is from these attributes. 


Just like the diamond, this gemstone also promotes wealth, prosperity, and riches, but the advantage emerald has over diamond is that the riches and wealth are not only about material things but also spiritual aspects.

It is considered the gemstone that represents intuition, sensuality, intelligence, romance, and beauty among many others. Speaking of beauty, the emerald also represents a beautiful and hopeful spring. 

Medically, it is believed to have the ability to cure eye diseases including evil eyes. It's also believed to detoxify blood, make your heart stronger, and even prevent epilepsy.


Another symbol of wealth and prosperity is pearls. Whenever you see someone wearing a pearl necklace or pearl earrings, you automatically assume that the person is wealthy and successful.

Aside from that, pearl also reflects an ultimate feminine energy. So if you would like to showcase your feminine magnetism, use pearls during a very important meeting or on your first date. On top of these benefits, pearls are also believed to make you calm and centered. It also portrays purity integrity and loyalty.

Medical benefits of pearl, according to folk stories, are the treatment of muscular system disorders, digestive tract illnesses, and fertility problems. Rumor has it that pearls have the power of helping you conceive.


A ruby is like a garnet and an amethyst, in that it's believed to shun evil thoughts. Ancient beliefs also tell us that ruby is a guard against poison. Hence, some people believe that carrying a ruby with you when going to an unfamiliar place is a must.

There is also a belief that if you implant a ruby into your body, it will make you invincible in a battle. Although given the limited technology back then, you’ll wonder how they were able to do that.

However, there can be some truth to that. In India and China, rubies are added to armors and harnesses to protect the noblemen and the knights in a fight back then.


Another gemstone that helps fight evil thoughts is the peridot. However, according to the belief, for the peridot to no to display it's full potential, you have to use it with gold.

Medically, peridot is believed to help with your digestive problems and ulcers. It's also believed to have a healing power that can cure depression. 

Emotionally, a peridot can help too. If you're having problem opening up to someone, a peridot can help you wear your heart on your sleeve.


There is not much information about sapphire aside from tidbits that it helps you prosper, it prevents poverty, it makes you calm if you're an irritable person, it helps you in decision-making, it represses envy, and it protects you from harm.


Opal is the gemstone of the creative people. It fosters creativity and opens up your imagination. It’s also known to help your memory so whenever you have happy dreams you will able to use it in your creative endeavor. Plus, opal is believed to eliminate nightmares. 

The medical benefits of opal according to stories is it cures sight problems and Parkinson’s disease.

Opal can also work like an alcohol. It enhances your spontaneity and lessens your inhibitions.


Topaz is another gemstone that does not have much information, but it is believed to cure lunacy, enhance mental powers, release body heat to lower the fever, protect you from danger in an unfamiliar territory.


Turquoise is a popular gemstone for decoration. However, it is believed to possess several qualities and benefits for the wearer. One, it is a protective stone. Two, for the archers turquoise can help them target an aim. Three, it’s believed to dispel negativity. Four, turquoise is believed to enhance trust, kindness, and understanding. Five, turquoise also reflects your feeling and health. It allegedly changes color according to how you feel.

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