Frequently Asked Questions About HotMixCold Jewelry

Welcome to HotMixCold! We offer a variety of affordable, elegant, and high quality jewelry items, and we’re proud of the products we provide. Before you make the choice to invest in one of our jewelry pieces, you may have a few questions. We’ve included the answers to some of the questions we hear most often, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re happy to help.


How long will it take for me to receive my item?

Each unique jewelry item is different. For personalized items, it may take a little longer for us to process your order because we want to ensure the product is beautifully perfected to meet your needs. Each item will include more information about average ship times, but the easiest ways to ensure your item will arrive when you need it is to contact us before you order. We may even be able to expedite shipping and handling on some orders. 

We'll do our best to meet the following shipping estimates, but we cannot guarantee them. Actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose. Estimated delivery times are as follows:


Are items packaged for gift giving?

All of our jewelry items are beautifully packaged with care tips and ready for gifting. We do not ship with an invoice, and an optional short notecard (15 words or less) can be included upon request. Your order can be directly shipped as a gift, and you should feel confident your loved one will receive a beautiful product.  


What materials are used?

We use top quality 925 sterling and argentum silver or 14 karat gold and rose gold filled metals from US and Italian markets for chains, clasps, and other metal components. Even our high quality materials need proper care to maintain their flawless appearance and function.

All gemstones are natural, semiprecious stones unless otherwise noted in the listing. Due to their handcrafted and hand-drilled nature, no two beads are exactly alike. All pearls are freshwater, and no two are exactly alike in size, shape, or luster. 


Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We want our customers to get exactly what they order, and when we make mistakes, we want to make it right. There are some limitations, and you can get more information on our exchanges and returns page. 


What payment methods are available? 

We are happy to accept payment via credit card or PayPal. If you select the e-check option through PayPal, we will not ship the item until the check clears. If you have an Etsy gift card, you can utilize this option when you order jewelry through our Etsy store


How do I know what size or length to choose? 

You can visit our jewelry sizing and care page to learn more about how to determine the best size for you. If you need help determining size, you can contact our team.