10 Best Jewelry Pieces to Gift This Valentine's Day

10 Best Jewelry Pieces to Gift This Valentine's Day

2020 has been a tough year but it shouldn't stop you from celebrating valentines day this 2021. Social distancing and staying safe does not mean that you can't find the best valentines day gift. It's even the best time to show our love!

It's almost the love month again, and we're all on a hunt for the best valentines day gift for our loved ones. So what surprises do you have in mind for your loved one? 

Before Valentine's day, get to know 10 of the best valentines day gift you can give. 

Tiny Square Initial Necklace

Taylor Swift's lyrics say, "I want to wear his initial on a chain 'round my neck not because he owns me but 'cause he really knows me", and we get it! 

One of the best valentines day gift can be worn around your neck, and it can be a simple way of declaring, 'I'm loyal to you' or 'you mean a lot to me'. With this square necklace, you get to add more square pendants with a letter on each pendant. You can spell their name out or just their initials.

Personalized Thin Bar Ring

With this valentines day gift, you get to declare your love in style. You can personalize this ring, and you know what it can be? A promise ring! 

Customize it with the favorite phrase you both say or put both your names in it; it's up to you. You can even ask us if you want a dark engraving so other people can easily see it! 

Initial Pendant Pearl Necklace

Pearls symbolize incorruptibility or perfection. Giving this to someone you love is a big deal. Why? Because you identify your relationship with them like the pearl -- pure and eternal. 

One of the best valentines day gift you can give to your loved one is this necklace. It's a minimalist necklace with a small initial and a pearl. 

You know who can appreciate it? Your mom, your lover, or your daughter. All of them deserve the purest love you can give. 

Initial and Date Necklace

A valentines day gift for your loved one can be this pretty necklace. You can customize it with an initial and put the date that's important to both of you. 

Aside from the personalization, you have an option with the necklace's length. It can be the first love gift for your child, and its durability can last until your child grows up.

Signature Handwriting Bracelet

Let's face it. Because of the pandemic and other tragic events, some of those we love left us in this world too early. In what way can we give comfort to those who lost someone? Through some memorabilia. 

With this bracelet, you can engrave handwritings from someone you lost. With their words wrapped on your wrist, you can always feel like they're with you. 

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

When your hands feel empty from the touch of someone you love, one look at this bracelet, and you can be reminded of them.

This customizable cuff bracelet can proclaim phrases and names that can mean a lot to you. You can choose the pattern, texture, color, and size for your loved one. Buy two and it can be a couple bracelet!

Grandma Family Monogram Bracelet

The name we have for this bracelet explains it all. This bracelet has customized initials for each member of your family tree. The best valentines day gift can become an heirloom for the future generation of your family.

Delicate Initial Necklace

Not a fan of striking designs and super sparkly jewelry? Here's an all-time favorite. With this dainty necklace, you get to hold close to your heart your loved one's initials. 

This minimalistic jewelry necklace is also customizable. With one letter for each pendant, you can also change the font size and the pendant's surface texture. 

Heart Charm Necklace

The best valentines day gift for someone you love can be this necklace. With a heart-shaped charm pendant, you get to show your love for them. 

Not only is it heart-shaped, you can also customize its color, surface texture, and engrave a name on it. Isn't it amazing? If you're looking for a gift, this is it!

Parents and Baby Bird Necklace

For new parents, parenthood can be so fulfilling and exhausting. Through this gift, you get to remind your partner that they are valued and loved. Their efforts aren't in vain, and they get to be reminded by their family with this cute necklace!

Do you have one, three, four, six, or more children? With this customizable necklace, you can add baby bird pendants symbolizing your children. Not only that, but you can also put initials on each bird pendant so that no one can be left out. 

With these 10 best valentines day gifts, you get to share your love in style! From keepsakes, to promise rings, to minimalist heart charms, you get to show your love to each important relationship in your life. 

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