What Every Mom Wants To Do on Mother’s Day

What Every Mom Wants To Do on Mother’s Day

In a couple of days, we’re celebrating one of the strongest human beings we know: mothers. Hence, we look for mother's day activity ideas that will make them feel special.

A quick Google search of mother’s day ideas will give more than 300 million results. While we don’t know if these are indeed about ideas for mother’s day (because who goes past the first page?), we are certain that there are a ton out there.

But are they really what moms want?

So we asked several mothers from all over the world, and here’s what they actually want on mother’s day.

Did we tell you they’re quarantine-safe too?

Great Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

Peace and quiet

“My house is always full of life, and I love it!” says Aimee, mother of four, ages 5 to 11. But I am an introvert and there’s just something in me who wants no contact with the world for at least 24 hours. 

“It’s not that I hate my kids or my husband,” she adds. “I just really have the need for space where I don’t have to worry about the next meal, kids’ homework, or anything that is not about me. Call me selfish all you want, but that’s just my way of recharging. Afterward, I’m ready to take on anything life throws at me (literally).”

Baking cookies

We read somewhere that femininity and creation are related. A feminine woman is innately a creator; hence, the capacity to give birth.

However, it doesn’t stop there, creating can also be applied to different aspects such as creating a scrumptious meal, new clothes, or art craft. Thus this mother’s day, let the mom in your life create something for you. There’s just something in motherhood that makes them want to nurture every one they come in contact with.

Laura, mom of a three-year-old boy, says she loves it when she bakes cookies with her son on mother’s day. 

So if the mother in your life wants to bake for you, let her do it. What you can do is to buy the ingredients, prepare the utensils, and clean up afterward.

Don’t forget to say thank you too.

You’ll never know how special you’ll make her feel if you do.

This is a great mother’s day idea for kids as well.

Binge watch

“The last time I watched a TV show that’s not teaching me Spanish or asking me where a highly conspicuous item is was before my eldest was born. That’s 11 years ago. Ever since I had kids, I only watched child-appropriate shows,” Susan, mother of two shares. “I still long for the day when I can binge-watch on FRIENDS. See? I don’t even know what the latest shows are anymore.”

There you have it. If you’re looking for a good mother’s day idea, all you have to do is get her a subscription to a media service provider and let her splurge on Rachel and Ross’ on again off again romance.

Giving her chips or popcorn as she does is a plus.

Personalized jewelry

“I became a mom at 16, so I’ve been hustling for my daughter for 20 years,” says Aubrey, mother of one. 

“All throughout these years, I was never able to afford a customized jewelry for myself. Whenever I have spare money to get me one, I’d stop and think of all the beautiful dresses I could buy my daughter. Now that she’s older and independent, maybe I can finally purchase one for myself.”

Is the mom in your life subtly wishing for a customized necklace, ring, or earrings? This is the perfect time to be her genie and grant her wishes. Isn’t this a cute mother’s day idea?

Walk in the park

If your area allows a walk in the park, with social distancing applied, by all means, drive her there on mother’s day.

Jen, mother of one comment “I love nature. I love hearing the wonderful chirps of freely flying birds, feeling the wind sweep on my skin, and smelling the fresh scents of the grass, flowers, and trees combined. They calm every cell in my body.”

If you’re looking for mother’s day activity ideas that are both affordable and pleasurable, this could be it. Just make sure you keep yourself safe from the virus.

A cooked meal

“A nice cooked sausage with eggs, or some kind of meat, throw in a couple of treats,” says Martha, mother of a six-year-old fur baby.

Who would say no to that? Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner in bed, all moms would love a nicely cooked meal at any time of the day. (If you could do the dishes the entire day, that’d be a great addition.)

This mother’s day idea makes mom feel like the queen she really is.


“Everyone is advised to take up gardening during these hard times. But I can’t,” protests Bree. It’s not only because I don’t have enough time to plant but also because I don’t have a green thumb.”

“I remember planting an onion for a school project when I was in primary school. All of my classmates’ bulbs have sprung except mine.”

Then she adds, “so if someone can give me an already thriving plant, which I would just water every day, I’d be the happiest person in the world!”

What we love about this mother’s day idea is it’s practical and nature friendly.

Full body massage

“At the end of the day, I love getting a full body massage because, boy, being out and about the entire day is hard,” laments Kim, full-time mother of four.

So if you’re thinking how else you can make your mom happy this mother’s day, give her a full body massage for at least 30 minutes.

The good thing about this activity is you don’t have to go out or spend anything. Just let her lie on her abdomen, spread some oil on her back, and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for massage techniques, you can always search the web for that. You can see various ways of helping your mom feel relaxed. There are Swedish, Thai, and various types of massages.

Paid App

Moms are very simple creatures. Proof to that is this mother's day activity from one of our reader moms.

She said, “I have this app that I really want to buy. But every time I think of purchasing it, I imagine the snacks I could have bought my kids. So I choose not to.”

This goes to show that mothers are not only simple but also long-suffering. 

If you have a techy mom, it’s not impossible that she wants a paid app as a gift this mother’s day.

So ask her what she’d like you to buy for her. Or, if you’re making it a surprise, observe what she loves doing with her phone, and which ones need in-app purchases. She’d be happy you bought it for her.

This sums up our list. Is there anything you’d like to add to it? If you’re a mom, do you agree that the above are what you want as well?

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