Buying Jewelry Guide: 8 Expert Tips To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Buying Jewelry Guide: 8 Expert Tips To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

As we grow older, we realize that buying jewelry demands forethought. Whether it’s gold, silver, diamond, or pearl we’re getting, we should think long and hard about our decisions.

Luckily, the internet has gifted us with various jewelry buying guides. All we have to do is go to our favorite search engine (SE) and type “how to buy jewelry.”

One problem with this method, though, is that there are thousands of results.

Which one do you heed?

Do you read each of the pages your SE produced for you?

Of course not. This is why we created this list for you to spare you from grueling hours of research. These tips come from various experts, us included.

How To Buy Jewelry

  1. Know What you Want

The first thing you have to mull over is your preference. What is your purpose for buying jewelry?

Is it for gifting? Personal use? Do you want something flashy? Minimal? Exotic?

The questions could go on.

Next, think about the material. Do you want diamonds? Silver? Gold?

Each material serves a different purpose. For example, if buying pure gold jewelry aka 24K gold, note that you can’t wear it every day. Pure gold bends and scratches easily, which is why you rarely see them in wedding bands.

Give this part some time before clicking that add to cart button.

  1. Consider the Style and Size

Are chokers more to your taste than close-cut necklaces? Do you prefer minimalist bracelets to charm or gemstone ones?

When considering the size and style, we recommend going over your closet too.


You have to match jewelry items with your clothes; hence, knowing the type of outfit you have in your closet can help you choose the style and size of your jewelry.

For example, if your wardrobe consists mostly of bright and loud dresses, you may want to get minimalistic accessories such as the initial pendant pearl necklace.

Conversely, for plain outfits, you can match them with some of our showstoppers such as the orchid necklace, family tree necklace, and leaf pendant necklace.   

  1. Check Your Budget

After finalizing your purpose and liking, consult your wallet. Yes, 24K gold is fine, but does your bank approve?

Although we fully support buying quality jewelry (which translates to costly), we disagree with breaking the bank for one-time jewelry use.

If it’s an investment, however, by all means, spend every cent left in your wallet because fine jewelry, like gold, has a positive price elasticity. This basically means the “price rises no matter what shape the economy is.”

And speaking of budget, manage your expectations. We’ve encountered a lot of individuals who expect too much from the tiny amount they have. 

  1. Prioritize Comfort and Body Type

Accessories are something you wear for as long as you’re awake; thus it’s crucial to get one you’re comfortable with. Knowing the different jewelry body types will help you in this area.

According to style blogger, Rebekah Bechervaise, there are about jewelry body types although the main categories are five: dramatic, classic, gambine, romantic, and natural.

Dramatic pieces are the bold, geometric jewelry you see. Classic jewelry is the minimal and symmetrical pieces. Gambines are small pieces but they’re detailed, giving that energetic vibe.

Romantic jewelry is usually soft, small, and rounded, with intricate details. Lastly, naturals are the ones with wide and blunt lines.

If you haven’t done so, try rocking each of these body types to know which you find most comfortable.

  1. Keep it Meaningful

One way you can avoid buyer’s remorse is to find meaningful jewelry. In our collection, for example, we have personalized jewelry such as the nameplate bar necklace, disc crystal necklace, and others.

We also have monogram bracelet, gemstone earrings, and personalized ring among others. All of these convey special messages, making the piece of jewelry meaningful.

We believe that every piece of jewelry should have a story to tell that’s why we created a number of personalization options for most of the items in our collection.

  1. Less is More

We’re lovers of minimalist fashion items--from outfits to accessories. This is because we think minimalism never goes out of style. 

What’s more, you can pair it with just about any outfit and other accessories.

The minimalist style has several other advantages. One, there’s less visual clutter. Your tiny jewelry box will thank you for it.

Two, it’s more affordable. The more lines you add to a fashion ornament, the more it will cost you.

Three, you’ll save time deciding which goes with what. Intricately designed jewelry tends to be picky in terms of the outfits it can go along with. They’re not advisable for instant appointments when you’re given just minutes to dress up.

  1. Buy Quality Jewelry

One of our staff shares a story of how she, in her younger years, would buy rings and necklaces at a thrift shop. She thought back then it was a cool thing to do since she could don different pieces of jewelry every day.

It didn’t take her long to realize that it was a waste of money. The jewelry she bought started turning green and made her skin itchy. She even developed an allergy from metal as a result.

Soon, none of the pieces she bought was useful enough.

This is why we believe in creating quality jewelry items. We take into account each material and how it could affect the wearer’s skin in the long run.

In fact, we have items that are heirloom quality. There’s the family branch necklace, personalized family tree necklace, and family birthstone necklace among others.

  1. Take Note of Customer Service

Although we don’t completely agree with the saying, “The customer is always right,” we support the notion that customers have rights.

This is why at HotMixCold, we put our client’s satisfaction a priority.

Customer service is significant in buying jewelry because it is a precious item, and we only want what’s best.

Thus, when buying jewelry items, take note of how the sellers are treating you. When you ask a lot of questions, how do they respond? Do they get annoyed and stop responding after a few inquiries? Do they respond late and never explain why the late response?

How the sellers treat you before you make a purchase is most likely the same treatment you get after the purchase.

If they were not friendly prior to buying, don’t expect them to change after you bought something from them.

We’ve all had experiences with shops that refuse to change a damaged item or deny the item they shipped is damaged.

A nightmare, isn’t it?

The Takeaway

Knowing how to buy jewelry can be overwhelming in the beginning. Particularly when there’s too much information out there.

But with expert tips such as this, you can easily navigate your way around the buying jewelry game. In no time, you may feel like an expert yourself.

You just have to start by knowing your preference and budget followed by looking for jewelry stores that will accommodate you in the nicest way possible.

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