Send a Gift to Loved Ones During COVID-19 Shelter In-Place

Send a Gift to Loved Ones During COVID-19 Shelter In-Place

Right now, many states and local governments have made the decision to encourage everyone to stay safe at home and avoid non-essential travel as well as promoting social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). If you’re missing time with your friends and loved ones right now, let them know you’re thinking about them during shelter-in-place orders with a quality jewelry gift handmade by the HotMixCold team. We know receiving a thoughtful gift from our team will put a smile on your loved one’s face, and we’re taking precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers. You can learn more in our blog from earlier this month. Stay safe during shelter-at-home and social distancing orders but consider sending your loved ones a beautiful HotMixCold jewelry item they can hold onto until you can see them again.

Create a Wearable Love Note


One of our signature jewelry items is our bar bracelet with notes written in your own handwriting. This is literally a love note your beloved can wear every day to remember you’re thinking of them.

Send Something Beautiful for Easter


Easter may come and go this year without much time to enjoy the beauty of the season with your friends, family, and congregation, but you can send your loved ones a beautiful reminder of the reason for the season. Explore our jewelry items below that are perfect for sending a little reminder of Easter to those you can’t spend time with this year, including:

Shop Ahead for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, 2020. We all hope for the best, but you may not be able to see your mom in person this year. Send her something pretty to remind her you love her and you’re thinking about her from near or far. Some good jewelry options for mom include:

Let’s Make a Lasting Memory


A piece of jewelry from HotMixCold is a great reminder of the love, joy, and good times we share. We can create a wearable memory for your loved ones. Contact us to get started designing the perfect jewelry item to hold your cherished memories forever.

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