How To Look Younger At 50

How To Look Younger At 50

Who wouldn’t want to have fewer fine lines, smooth and silky skin, vigorous health, and youthful glow even at a golden age?

You bet, all of us would love to.

Although the latest technological innovations in the beauty industry could give us these benefits in no time, we also need to spend a hefty amount of money to keep us looking younger. So, basically, only those who could afford will reap the benefits of a younger look courtesy of science and technological development.

But, there are inexpensive ways on how to look younger at 50. These regimens will help us delay aging through healthy lifestyle and discipline.

How To Look Younger At 50

Have Adequate Rest and Sleep

Whatever age you are, having enough rest and sleep is good for both physical and psychological health. According to experts, our skin makes new collagen during our sleep and prevents our skin from sagging. The presence of more collagen in our system translates to fewer wrinkles and age spots which eventually will make us look a little younger than our age. Adequate sleep will likewise make us fresh, and vigorous.

Also, enough sleep will prevent hanging eyelids and under-eye circles. It will also prevent droopy mouth corners and paler skin. Our body will deteriorate fast if we do not get enough rest and sleep and it will also not recover fast from daily stressors and infections, which could result in inflammations and acne outbreaks.

So, getting at least 8 hours of sleep will make us a little younger even if we are already 50!

Eat Healthily

We are what we eat. Eating healthy food will do wonders on our body. A balanced diet is essential in many ways. For instance, foods with a high concentration of vitamin C will help boost our immune system and protect our body from free radicals and harmful elements. A stronger immune system means that we are not prone to diseases and other conditions that will hasten the aging process of our body. Also, foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals will enable our body to function well and repair damages fast. With a body that is properly nourished, we will eventually look way younger as compared to a body deprived of essential nutrients.

Avoid Stress

Another tip on how to look younger even at 50 is to avoid unnecessary stress. Subjecting ourselves to stressful conditions damage every aspect of our being--whether it is physical, emotional, and psychological. We probably know what will happen if all of these areas of our health will be compromised. We will easily get sick and the more often we fall ill, the bigger the chance that we look older and older than our actual age.

Have a Positive Outlook in Life and be Happy

Having a positive outlook in life could help us look young. According to some study, among the secrets of having better skin is a better attitude. Also, women who tend to look at the positive side of things look younger as compared to those who always dwell on the negatives. If we have a positive outlook in life, we can look younger even without wearing make-up.

Go Out with Friends

Sometimes, having somebody to share our happiness and sadness, our successes and failures, or anything worth sharing could somehow feel us better. Friends are essential in taking care of our mental health. But ensure that these friends are worthy of trust. Take time in going out with them on a regular basis. Maybe once a week or twice a month will do. This experience will make you happy and forget some stressful things in your life. Having trusted and friends that truly care about us is a goldmine. They will help us especially when we are going through rough times where we can unload some of our burdens. Just choose the right friends. Otherwise, we might end up 10 years older than what we are if we have friends who always stress us out.

Dress in Style

It doesn’t follow that just because we are already old, we have no right to be stylish. Although it is important to properly dress according to our age, we can, of course, fancy trendy and fashionable styles that will make us a little younger. Just make sure that our outfit will also match your body figure. It will somehow make us feel good about ourselves and boost our self-confidence, which is equally helpful in radiating a youthful outlook around other people. Don’t forget to accessorize with dainty and elegant jewelry too!

Quit Smoking and Avoid Bad Vices

Smoking definitely makes us look older. It damages every aspect of our body. It reduces skin’s oxygen and blood circulation which could result in wrinkled, pale, and old-looking skin. Not only that, but smoking could also weaken our immune system and makes us vulnerable to various diseases. Aside from smoking, we also need to shy away from other harmful vices such as alcohol and illegal substances. These things will ruin our body and our entire life. Excessive intake of alcohol and illegal substances could alter not just our physical being but also mental health. Both play an essential part in whether we look younger or older than our actual age.

Smile Often

Some study suggests that those who often display their beautiful smile actually look younger. In a study, people were asked the age of someone in the picture with a smiling face and those with an angry or frowning face. Most of the participants’ guesses on the photo of someone smiling were way younger as compared to the real age of the person.

Exercise Regularly

Doing regular exercise is essential to our whole being. It keeps our body healthy in every aspect. As we grow older, we still need to exercise to keep our vigor and strength. If we lead a sedentary lifestyle as we grow older, our body will become even weaker and frail, which could invite various lifestyle diseases. Exercise doesn’t have to be a rigid and tiresome activity. It could be a few minutes of brisk walking or jogging, Zumba or yoga, etc. It could also be in a form of a hobby like gardening or doing something that requires us an ample amount of movement. What is necessary is to keep us on the go to keep our nerves and blood circulation at its best.

We can't avoid aging

We will eventually age and go to our golden years. These few hacks on how to look younger at 50 are just some of the many ways to delay aging and still look our best in our senior years. We need to embrace aging gracefully and not worry about it often. Just welcome it with an open arm and never resist it. Worrying too much about us getting older will even make us look old. We can apply these tricks as we age, but the most important thing that we could do is aging wisely and gracefully and leaving along our paths abundant love and kindness for everyone, most especially to our family, friends,  and people close to our hearts.

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