Best Fashion Ideas for Women in their 30s

Best Fashion Ideas for Women in their 30s

We wrote about the 40s style and the 20s style. Now it’s time for the 30-year-olds to have their fashion tips from us too.

But unlike what we’ve written previously, this article will outline what not to wear in your 30s and how to dress up instead. 

So have your wardrobe list in mind and mentally take note of dresses you have to donate to others.

Cheesy and sentimental prints on tees

We know you’re awesome, but really? Your shirt has to say it out loud?

In your teens and early 20s, you might be able to pull it off. But not when you’re in your 30s. The lion doesn’t need to roar to let everyone know it’s a lion, does it?

What to wear instead:

Look for artful prints and designs. Or go for the neat, plain tees. To avoid looking dull, wear a piece of elegant jewelry with it like the modern western teardrop earrings.

One-size-too-small dress

Please don’t do this.

We don’t know if it’s the lack of budget or the lack of courage to accept that we grow wider as we age. We’ve seen a lot of 30+ women wearing dresses or shirts only the thinner them should have donned.

What to wear instead:

A midi dress that perfectly complements your body shape. It hugs you in all the right places plus it hides unsightly body rolls. Pair it with a chic and elegant necklace like the v-shape chevron necklace.

Bodycon dresses

Bodycon is cute and sexy. But when you’re 30, ditch it, baby.

See how poetic we could get. 

But kidding aside, we love how cute and sexy bodycon dresses are, but not a lot of people can really pull it off. We feel like we’re the ones who can’t breathe whenever we see a sister donning it and trying hard not to faint.

What to wear instead:

Slip dresses. We love how light and breathable this outfit is. It’s also flowy, which can reveal your curves when the wind blows without showing too much. It’s the perfect blend of sexy and innocent. Pair it with our delicate tiny tube bar bracelet.

Skimpy dresses and shorts

There’s nothing wrong with really short shorts or dresses. However, more often than not, we see women pulling it down in fear of it riding up. The whole sight portrays a lack of confidence and grace.

What to wear instead:

Midi dresses. Aside from the fact that revealing clothes make a lot of women uncomfortable, we are also not a fan of one-occasion getups. We prefer it if our closet is full of versatile outfits we can wear on almost any occasion. 

A midi dress is one of them. 

Pair it with sleek white sneakers, and you’re ready for a quick coffee date with your friends. Wear vampy heels and you’re dinner date perfect. Include the birthstone floating necklace and your ensemble is definitely trendy.

Low rise jeans

Just in case you didn’t know, low rise jeans are not for everyone. Actually, we’re not sure if they’re made for someone. Maybe too long-legged folks need them, but for the most of us, no thank you.

Low rise jeans make your legs shorter because they’re positioned a few notches below your natural waist. Also, they don’t cover your awesome love handles.

Muffin top, anyone?

What to wear instead:

Mid- or high-rise jeans. Petites--curvy or slender--will look effortlessly stunning in mid-rise jeans. The curvy ones can opt for higher mid-rise to conceal stomach rolls. Wear the signature handwriting bracelet to complete the look.

Tube tops

The moment you see bra bulge or armpit fat when you wear a tube top, it’s time to stop. It’s an indication that your body no longer fits this outfit. And those annoying bulges start to appear when your 30s or as soon as you stop working out and your skin starts to sag. So learning how to dress in your 30s means getting rid of tubes.

What to wear instead:

Camis. Yes, the undergarment we love has now come out of the closet. Or above the t-shirt. Whatever that means. Camisoles are perfect during hot weather, in beaches, or when hiking. Pairing it with the opal blue earrings 

Festival season outfit

A festival season outfit is cute and one-of-a-kind. But it’s called festival season outfit for a reason. You’re not supposed to wear them before or after a festival. Maybe during Halloween or costume parties? We don’t know. 

What we’re sure of is it does not belong in your closet.

What to wear instead:

Uhm. Regular outfit? Anything but a tasseled-top, confusing, boho piece. 

Don’t get us wrong. Bohemian dresses are cool, especially ones that are knee-, midi-, or ankle-length. So you can still go boho as long as you choose the right length and cut. To add to the boho vibe, wear the real leaf birthstone lariat necklace with it.

Damaged underwear

Need we say more?

Unfortunately, yes. We see women walking around in deformed bras.

Ladies, remember: Dressing in your 30s is not only about the outer garments. You have to be mindful of your underwear as well. An ill-fitting bra and panty are like a toxic boyfriend: it’s not giving you the support you need.

What to wear instead:

Quality, perfectly fitting underwear. No more. No less.

Sky-high heels

Heels are great at lifting your butt and making it look fuller. But can you actually walk in them? Being in our 30s is no longer about partying. It’s about meetings, conferences, and larger meetings. Comfort should be at the top of your list when choosing the right outfit.

Invest in comfortable pumps in the right width and height. Dressing in your 30s means having the right pair of heels you can wear non-stop for 8 hours or more.

Cheap ballet flats

We see women donning ballet flats as they commute to work. That’s fine.

But wearing it for the rest of the workday? Sooo unfine.

One, cheap ballet flats get easily damaged. Wearing them regularly means you have to get a new pair. 

Two, they’re cheap. They don’t add to the sophisticated vibe you’re trying to put out. 

Three, just don’t buy them. 

Choosing what to wear in your 30s is almost always about versatility, comfort, and durability.


What else should we include in the list? More importantly, how many items are left in your closet?

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