40s Style: 10 Outfits You Should Have in Your Closet

40s Style: 10 Outfits You Should Have in Your Closet

“Life begins at 40,” goes the adage. It’s one of the reasons we recommend you to have a whole different wardrobe when you hit the number. 40s style is different from when you were in your 30s and more so in your 20s.

Learning how to dress in your 40s is mostly about finding the right materials and your body shape. The right materials are crucial because at 40s, we can’t wear tattered shirts we did when we’re in our 20s. The fashion style for over 40 should be made of quality cloth that’s both comfortable and long lasting.

Knowing your body shape is also vital in revamping your wardrobe. We want dresses that hug us in all the right places.

That being said, here are ten items you should always have in your closet by the time you’re 40. Just make sure they’re made of quality materials and are perfect for your body.

10 Outfits for 40s Style

White button-down shirt

We love a white button-down shirt simply because of its versatility. You can wear it in any season for any occasion. 

You can also pair it with almost any bottom: denim, slacks, and skirt. It also goes with various footwear--heels, sneakers, sandals, you name it.

Lastly, it goes with any accessory like this initial pearl pendant necklace

The key to pulling it off is pairing it with a complimentary bottom and footwear. For example, if your shirt is a bit loose, pair it with a slim skirt or pants. Then go for the footwear that completes the look you’re aiming for. 

Dress that fits you perfectly

We love a feminine outfit so much that we can’t let this list go without adding a dress to it. But, of course, it can’t be just any dress. It has to be one that fits you perfectly. 

Dresses are perfect for a banquet with your colleagues, a night out with friends, or a dinner date with your SO.

It can be a cocktail dress, a maxi one, or anything as long as the length and fit suit you well. We think the crowd favorite is a wrap dress because hugs you in all the right curves.

Dresses are also perfect for bracelets such as the signature handwriting bracelet.

Long coat

Long coats such as the trench coat is perfect for those transitional seasons when you need a bit of warmth or a windbreaker.

What’s good about trench coats is it suits both casual and formal attires, so having just one in your closet is a good start.

Trench coats are also fashionable and can be worn with different accessories such as the rhinestone diamond crystal and pearl earrings.

Dark jeans

Aside from the fact that dark jeans make your legs look slimmer, dark jeans never go out of style.

You'll never go wrong with dark jeans. It's perfect when you're into dressing your age. You'll look good in it no matter your age or body shape.

Complete the look with a trendy bar band ring.

Flared denim

Another favorite of ours is a pair of flared denim jeans. We like it because it's flattering to almost any body type. It accentuates our figure and makes our legs look longer. Unlike skinny jeans, which is cut right about your ankles, flared denim gives you a few centimeters more to make you appear taller.

The secret is to find the right pair for your body shape.

Add this short skinny vertical bar necklace to your ensemble and you'll rock anywhere you go.

Well-fit blazer

There's something in a blazer that turns a simple shirt-and-jeans outfit into a dinner date ready ensemble. Maybe it’s the material, the color, or the design. Or probably all.

What's more, it suits almost any 40s style including shorts.

Which is why we can’t let this list pass without adding a well-tailored blazer to the list of must-haves in your 40s.

You know what else looks good with a blazer? This initial disc bracelet.

Bright dress

A brightly colored dress is an instant mood lifter. Not just for the wearer but also those who are around her.

It's commonplace these days to see ensembles in either black or white or anything "safe." So wearing a bright dress to work, coffee date, or even a conference call automatically livens up the surroundings.

What’s more, there’s no limit to the “brightness” if we may call it. If you’d like a screaming yellow, neon green, or fiery red, it's all OK. All you have to do is pair it with neutral accessories like bags and shoes to balance it out.

Pair it with the cubic zirconia earrings for more oomph.

Printed blouse

A printed blouse is another mood lifter for us. On cloudy days, literally and figuratively, it's one of our go-to outfits to cheer us up. Whether it’s tiny dots, flower patterns, or just about anything under the sun, printed blouses are perfect 40s style.

It could probably because printed blouses can be paired with our favorite pencil skirt, denim, or high-waist pants. 

The key to avoid being too loud is keeping other parts of your ensemble plain. Avoid pairing a printed blouse with checked pants.

For classy yet subtle jewelry, pair it with our favorite teardrop pearl necklace.

Little black dress

Every wardrobe, no matter your age should, have at least one LBD. The little black dress is probably the “safest” outfit a woman can have. 

It's an elegant nighttime and daytime wear. Pair it with your favorite pumps or stilettos and this slim cuff bracelet and you'd be picture-perfect anytime.

We know a lot of red-carpet stories where celebrities are undecided on what to wear, and they always turn to LBD for help.

It never disappoints.

White sneakers

OK so this is obviously not a dress, but we think you should get one nonetheless. 


Because they’re both comfy and trendy. If you get the right pair and style, you can walk for hours on your next vacation and still look chic.

Plus, they are versatile too. You can pair them with a casual dress, jeans, pants, shorts, skirt, about anything casual you can think of.

To complete your casual yet chic look, pair your white sneakers with these tiny leaf earrings.


Being in your 40s doesn’t mean you have to go out of style. It’s a common misconception that the fashion style over 40s is outdated and blah. You just have to find the right outfit that suits your personality and body type. Another tip from the experts is to have at least one designer piece in your collection.

You can begin with the list above. Just remember to pick quality materials and don’t be afraid to risk and show the world who you are.


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