Mini Skinny Bar Bracelet
Mini Skinny Bar Bracelet
Mini Skinny Bar Necklace
Mini Skinny Bar Bracelet
Mini Skinny Bar Bracelet

Mini Skinny Bar Bracelet

$ 25.00

Mini Bar Bracelet / Double Chain Rose Gold Tiny Bar Bracelet / Simple Bracelet, Bridesmaids Gifts / Gold Bracelet for women / Bracelet for a girl / Personalized bracelet name

If you're looking for what to get for Mother's Day get this. It can be a Mother's Day gift for Grandma or Mother's Day gift DIY.


• Mini Skinny Bar - approx. 2-4mm x 16mm (5/8")

• .925 Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold Filled or 14K Gold filled for quality heirloom (is hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin)

• Raw material from USA or Italy, will last for years with proper care.

• Beautiful package without an invoice, ready for gifting.

• Handmade, handcrafted in the USA.

• Larger link chain for easy adjustable can be changed upon request when checking out.

• All bracelets will have a small extender at the end.


H O W · T O · O R D E R

* Please read all the info and check pictures for reference/options and contact us if you have any questions before placing the order, we will get back to you shortly.

• Which hand-made texture do you prefer? We have:
-Shiny (Default)

(*) Blacken/darker character is recommended for this texture if you want the character to be more visible.

• Do you want any character on the bar or leave it blank with your choice of texture? This depends on the option you selected on the drop bar menu above.

• Which Font do you want? Font #2A all uppercase is the default

• Where do you want the character to be on the bar? You can choose Center or Right (Right is the default when facing the bracelet). If your selection is more than 2 characters then Center will be the default placement.

• Do you want the character to be blackened/Darker or leave your character Plain? The plain character is the default if not requested otherwise.

NOTE: To have the perfect length (size), please measure at the smallest part on your wrist, then add 0.5" or to where you want the bracelet will be.