Recreate Your Favorite 2020 Oscars Jewelry Looks

Recreate Your Favorite 2020 Oscars Jewelry Looks

This year at the Oscars, celebs showed off their finest fashion on the red carpet, but while most people were looking at the dresses and tuxedos, we had our eyes on the jewelry. There were some really great looks at this year’s award ceremony, and while they complimented the gorgeous gowns and custom tuxes, these jewelry styles are not necessarily right for everyday wear. In this blog, we look at some of the hot trends from this year’s Oscar ceremony, and how you can mimic the jewelry styles with more casual, daily looks. Where other jewelry stores offer a limited range of ready to buy items, our online jewelry store offers ready to wear and custom jewelry looks that you’ll be proud to show off. Keep reading to learn more about jewelry styles we offer to mimic the old Hollywood glamour from the 2020 Academy Awards.

    Oversize Chokers

    Choker necklaces, which sit close to the neck rather than draping to hang below the collar bone, have been in style at various points in history dating back to the 1500s when Anne Boleyn wore a pearl choker with a letter B charm in almost all her painted portraits. In the 1700s, French revolution expatriates wore red ribbons tied around their necks. In more recent history, chokers were fashionable in the 1920s, especially crafted from pearls or simple ribbon. In the 1940s, thick “dog collar” chokers were very popular, and again, in the 1990s chokers made a comeback. Since 2015, celebs and trendsetters have been sporting a variety of choker necklace styles, and you’ll find them in the jewelry stores of all the major jewelers. This year’s Oscar ceremony was dripping with diamond choker necklaces, including:


    • Gal Gadot and Charlize Theron in Tiffany & Co.
    • Idina Menzel and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Harry Winston
    • Janelle Monae in Forevermark
    • Mindy Kaling in Chopard
    • Florence Pugh in Louis Vuitton


    If you want to mimic the style of these oversized chokers at a more affordable price point for daily wear, HotMixCold has you covered. Checkout some of our choker styles here:


    • Layered necklaces – capture the heavy look popular at the Oscars without a pound of diamonds around your neck.
    • Bar necklaces – understated and trendy bar necklaces look great on their own, and we can also offer hand etched notes and other customizations to make your necklace uniquely yours.
    • Unique designs and charm necklaces – add some weight and interest to our delicate chains with fun gems or charms. You can also check out unique designs like our best selling antler necklace.

    Statement Earrings

    In addition to chunky, diamond choker necklaces, our favorite celebrities were also wearing a number of other jewelry styles that caught our eye at the Oscars, including big statement earrings.

    The HotMixCold only jewelry store offers a variety of earring looks you can wear to capture your favorite celebrity styles, including:



    Chunky Bracelets

    You don’t necessarily want large, heavy bracelets for daily wear, but as we demonstrate on our personalized bar bracelet page, you can create a layered look that mimics the Oscars jewelry styles of Regina King in Harry Winston, Salma Hayek in Boucheron, and Geena Davis in Chopard – without the weight.

    Want to Make Something Special?

    HotMixCold became one of the top online jewelry stores on Etsy because our knowledgeable professionals go the extra mile to create flawless jewelry looks that you’ll want to wear again and again. In addition to the styles you find on our website and our Etsy jewelry store, we also love to work with people to create custom jewelry styles. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more or get started on a custom jewelry design.

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