Nameplate Bar Tag Necklace
Nameplate Bar Tag Necklace
Nameplate Bar Tag Necklace
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Nameplate Bar Tag Necklace

    Double Nameplate Necklace, Gold Vertical Bar Necklace, Personalized Two Name Bar Necklace, Roman Numerals Necklace, Twin, Couple Jewelry

    TWO VERTICAL BAR NECKLACE - size Medium 1.25"

    - Thick hand-cut Bar -- approx. 1.25" (32mm x 5-6mm)
    - Each pendant will be smooth around the edges and putting on your finished into a complete beautiful product.
    - All metal setting is high quality solid Sterling Silver, 14/20K Rose or Gold Filled for quality heirloom not plated or vermeil (is hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin) and made in USA or Italy, will last for years with proper care.
    - Jewelry will come in a beautiful package, ready for gifting.
    - Handmade, handcrafted in USA.
    - End to end length is the total length.

    First sample picture:
    - Gold 2 bars- Length 18"



    * Please read all the info and check pictures for reference/options and contact us if you have any questions before placing the order, we will get back to you shortly.
    * Please specify your request/info in the "note to Hotmixcold" box when checking out in order to complete your order on time, otherwise the default option will be shipped as pictured.

    - How you want to personalized each tag from left to right when facing the necklace?
    - If choosing the Name or Quote: please note Clearly
    The first letter you want is an uppercase then lowercase,
    OR you want all letters in uppercase,
    OR all letters in lower of the same font
    - Which FONT you prefer? -- #2A is default if not specify -- Please check pictures for font chart
    - Blacken/darker or PLAIN character is default
    - Which hand-made FINISH you prefer? Available in:
    Hammered - edge
    Shiny -- Default as pictured
    (*) Blacken/darker characters is recommended for these finishes if you want the characters more visible.