Double Layer Skinny Bar and Diamond Necklace
Double Layer Skinny Bar and Diamond Necklace
Skinny Bar Necklace
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Double Layered Skinny 1" Bar and 0.5" Diamond Charm Necklace Set

$ 55.00

Layered necklace set of 2 with skinny 14k gold fill bar and personalized diamond necklace, trendy geometric jewelry also in sterling silver or rose gold fill. With a double dainty layering necklace, you will have more options to wear them together or with other necklaces for a different layer look. It is a nice personalized bar necklace and a cute necklace for a girlfriend. No matter how it's worn, it will be a cute necklace for her. If you're looking for what to get for Mother's Day get this. It can be a Mother's Day gift for grandma or a Mother's Day gift DIY.

Get a beautiful layered jewelry look with this set of 2 necklaces, one with a skinny bar and the other one with a small diamond-shaped pendant. Trendy geometric jewelry is available in gold fill, sterling silver, or rose gold fill. With this double-dainty layering necklace, you will have the option to wear them together or with another necklace for a different look.


Layering Necklace Set of 2: Skinny 1" Bar + Diamond Shaped Plate

• Diamond plate pendant .... 0.5"
• Hand-cut short skinny bar ....... 1" (25mm x 2-4mm)
• Each pendant will be smooth around the edges and put your texture into a completely beautiful product.
• All metal setting is high-quality 14K Gold Filled, 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold filled for quality heirloom not plated nor vermeil (is hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin) and made in USA or Italy, will last for years with proper care.
• Jewelry will come in a beautiful package from the jewelry store, ready for gifting.
• Handmade, handcrafted in the USA.
• End-to-end length is the total length including the bar.

First sample picture: "Gold personalized" option
• Top necklace: 1" bar blank - shiny texture - 16" end-to-end length
• Bottom necklace: diamond charm - letter A - font #8 - shiny textured - 20"
• The total length you select will be for the shortest/top necklace including the bar then another necklace will be spaced accordingly if you purchase as a set.
The length in the sample picture is 16" & 20" but the spacing length can be changed upon request, please specify when checking out.

* These are separate necklaces, this way you can layer them with your existing necklaces.

••• We do have different sizes for bars and diamond. Please contact us if you want to customize.


H O W · T O · O R D E R

* Please read all the info and check pictures for reference/options and contact us if you have any questions before placing the order, we will get back to you shortly.

• Do you want any character on the BAR or leave it Blank? This depends on the option you select on the drop bar menu above.

• You have the option to personalize One large or three small characters on the diamond or leave it blank with any texture of your choice.
(If you choose 3 characters then the size of the character will be smaller than the letter "A" in the picture to fit the diamond)

• Which FONT do you prefer for the characters on the bar & diamond-shaped charm? The skinny bar can only fit any fonts marked with an * (star symbol). Font #8 is the default as pictured for the diamond.

• Which hand-made texture do you prefer for the diamond and bar? We have:
-Hammered-edge (not available for the skinny bar)
-Brush* (not available for the skinny bar)

(*) A blackened/darker character is recommended for this texture if you want the character more invisible.

• Do you want the character to be Blackened/Darker or Plain? The Plain is the default if not noted otherwise.