The Future of Minimalist Fashion Style is Here

The Future of Minimalist Fashion Style is Here

It was in the 1980s when minimalism began. First in architecture and later on in the other art sectors such as film, music, and visual arts. Soon after, the minimalist fashion style also took place.

From then on, we’ve never run out of minimalist clothing season after season, and rightfully so. There’s something in the minimalist style that makes it pleasant to the eyes, cool to the body, and easy on the pocket.

That being said, here’s the list of minimalist styles every wardrobe should have.

Minimalist Fashion Style To Copy

La Parisienne

It’s no secret that Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals. Hence, if you want minimalist clothing, make sure to check out the Parisian style. 

It’s chic but not over-the-top arrogant. It’s laid back but empowered and confident just like this one:

Pair it with Delicate bar earrings

To make you look even more empowered and confident, accessorize with these delicate bar earrings that are also subtle yet elegant.

Two-color wrap around dress

Wrap-around dresses are timeless and versatile. You can wear it any time of the day--whether it’s for a quick coffee date or a dinner party with your friends. You can also pair it with almost any type of footwear--minimalist sneakers (like in the picture), heels, or sandals.

Did we say it helps you achieve a flattering figure too?

Pair it with 4-sided bar necklace

The dress in the photo is décolleté; hence a low-hanging necklace like the 4-sided bar goes with it really well.

Plain tunic dress

If this isn’t a minimalist fashion style, we don’t know what is. Tunics are loose-fitting dresses or shirts. Originally, its length reaches either hips or knees but current modifications reach the ankles like the one in the image:

Pair it with slim cuff bracelet

The dress in the photo is very simple so if you’d like to pump it up a bit, accessorize with a slim cuff bracelet. Wearing more than two at the same time adds more oomph.

One-color tent dress

Tent dresses are timeless and versatile. You can wear them as is or pair it with leggings or nice shorts. Their vibrant colors make them fashion-worthy too. Not having them in your minimalist wardrobe is a no-no.

Pair it with Boho gemstone modern teardrop earrings

The tent dress in the photo is best worn with a ponytail. Thus, the best way to accessorize it is by wearing this gemstone earring whose color may match the outfit.

One-shoulder top

This may not be everyone’s choice, but one-shoulder tops are sexy yet classy. If peek-a-boo were a dress, this would be it. Pairing it with wide-legged denim (see photo), adds to the classy minimalist fashion style.

Pair it with Rhinestone crystal drop chandelier earrings

These earrings are big enough to add turn heads while not over-the-top glaring. It’s perfect for minimalist clothing.

White shirt + Denim

We all know that we should have at least one white shirt in our wardrobe. It’s one of the most versatile outfits anyone can have. Pair it with perfectly washed denim and patterned leather shoes (like the one in the photo), and you’re a bomb in an instant.

Pair it with Mini Skinny Bar Bracelet

The simplicity of the white shirt + denim combo matches the subtlety of the mini skinny bar bracelet.

Knit Plain Cardigan

The cardigan in the photo matches almost any type of outfit without making you look over decorated. It could be the style or the color, but whatever it is, we love this knit cardigan that goes with any minimalist wardrobe.

Pair it with Hammered Bypass Wrap Ring

Just like the cardigan, this bypass wrap ring matches almost any outfit it goes with. Plus, it’s classy and minimalistic too.

Eye-catching top

We honestly don’t know what to call this top, so we decided to name it “eye-catching top.” What’s good about it is its color is plain and simple to be called minimalist clothing, yet the cut is absolutely head-turning.

Pair it with Dahlia Flower Necklace

The head-turning top deserves a head-turning accessory just like the dahlia flower necklace.

Black Lace Top

This black lace top is proof that minimalist clothing doesn’t have to be dull at all. We can’t pinpoint exactly if it’s the lace itself, the cut--particularly the collar--or the fact that it’s paired with an equally gorgeous belt that makes it dreamy.

Pair it with: Coin tattoo choker necklace

Low neckline and chokers are a perfect combination, particularly if you have a long, beautiful neck.

Scarf Top

Each minimalist wardrobe should have a scarf, as it’s probably one of the most versatile fabrics you can have. It can be a regular scarf you wrap around your neck during cold weather. It can also transform into a dress, top, beachwear, and so on. 

Pair it with Modern Western Teardrop Earrings

Accessorize with these equally gorgeous earrings, which color you can match with your scarf top.

Elegant Sheath Dress

What we love about this dress is it’s multipurpose. You can wear it for work (if your office allows sleeveless wear), for a date, or a basic night out with the ladies. The different shoulder styles add to the versatility while the straight cut makes it one gorgeous minimalist clothing.

Pair it with Signature Handwriting Bracelet

This elegant dress deserves an equally elegant bracelet like this signature handwriting bracelet.

Summery dress

OK, before you say this isn’t minimalist clothing, read on first. According to a style expert, minimalist fashion style doesn’t get rid of colors altogether. You just have to pair it with neutral colors. So for this dress, the model paired it with vampy, black shoes. 

Pair it with Lotus Leaf and Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings

White tank top + satin skirt

We never thought these two could look good together, as their hues don’t contrast. But surprisingly, they do. The addition of the shoulder bag in popping red makes this ensemble stand out.

What’s more, this combo is versatile and timeless. It’s perfect for a nice coffee date, cocktail party at night, and even a regular day at the office. In fact, you can do all three in one day wearing the same outfit, and you’ll look glamorous and perfectly dressed no matter.

Pair it with Personalized small triangle necklace

The ensemble calls for an accessory that’s equally elegant, versatile, and timeless. And we think this small triangle necklace fits the description best.

Which of these minimalist fashion styles do you like best? Is there any other outfit you’d like us to include? Comment your answers below.

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