Shop More; Spend Less on Jewelry Cyber Monday Sale

Shop More; Spend Less on Jewelry Cyber Monday Sale

Mondays may not be as bad as it seems with jewelry cyber Monday sale. Imagine scoring high-quality jewelries at a discounted price. Fabulous, isn’t it?

If you are a fashion enthusiast who loves to match OOTDs with accessories or just a person who is thinking of giving presents to your loved ones but ran out of ideas on what to gift, this is the perfect place and moment for you.

Get these gems while they are on sale.

Jewelry on Sale this Cyber Monday

Delicate Initial Necklace

If you are looking for a simple and classy customized necklace for every day, this one is a must-have.

This also looks good with other necklaces for a layered style.

Let us know the character you want to be engraved in the necklace, and you’ll have your personalized everyday go-to necklace.

Nameplate Bar Tag Necklace

As the name implies, you can have this necklace personalized.

You can put your or your beloved’s name, initials, or the date of your anniversary, as this vertical bar can fit up to 15 characters depending on your layout style choice.

Customize Initial Heart Charm Bracelet

Single or with someone special? It doesn’t matter. Whatever your relationship status is, this cute silver heart bead bracelet is just for you.  

Tell us your and your special friend or lover’s initials and we’ll send you the unique couple bracelet you can wear on any occasion. You may also choose to leave it blank.

Grandma Family Monogram Bracelet

She spoiled us with sweet treats when we were kids. We love her so much and this bracelet is made for her. This jewelry is a perfect gift for grandma and for grandmas-to-be. Our sisters and girlfriends will appreciate this, too, though.

You can choose to engrave one character on each disc of this customizable bracelet, or you may request to have them left blank.

Bow Bracelet

“Simplicity is beauty”, they say. This modern bracelet is perfect for a gift and for layering with other bracelets. It is made of sterling silver and double chain with a lobster clasp and extender at the end. Single bigger link chain is available upon request.

Catch it at a lower price in Cyber Monday Deals 2020 if you are into minimalistic designs that can easily go well with any other bracelets you want to wear.

Teardrop Pearl Earrings

Attending a bridesmaid’s party or a posh event? Go easy and classy with this earring made of Swarovski Element Pearl that never goes out of style. The pearl comes in different colors including cream, copper, brown, burgundy, and a lot more. Just make sure to let us know your color of choice so we can give you an earring that will get you through any occasions.

CZ Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Earrings make your look transform from casual to formal. This jewelry with its icy brilliance can do just that. Cubic Zirconia is a gorgeous stone that has clarity comparable to diamonds. It’s just that you can add these beautiful earrings to your collection without the expense of real diamonds.

Boho Gemstone Modern Teardrop Frame Earrings

Stylize and make a statement at your next get together with this boho-chic jewelry fit for hippies, fashionistas, or just simply powerful people. It’s not only a standout earring but also a fashion-flexible accessory, giving you choices to wear both the teardrop and stone or just wear one of these.

Callalily and Swarovski Pearl Earrings

Add magic to your outfit with the charm of calla lily and sparkle of pearl. Glimmer with these earrings and shine like you have never. This gem is available in matte silver, matte gold, and rose. Grab it this Jewelry Monday Sale.  

Tiny Leaf Earrings

On Amazon Cyber Monday, go minimalistic with the Tiny Leaf Earrings. With its 0.5 inches length, this beauty can enhance your elegant look without appearing too flashy.  It is that simple and subtle that it can match with any outfit from casual to formal. Tiny Leaf Earrings are available in Sterling silver, Rose, and Gold. 

Personalized Thin Bar Ring

We want to help you make your loved one feel special through our Cyber Monday Ring Deals. Give it on their birthday, anniversary, or just any ordinary day with this minimal but elegant and chic thin bar ring.  To say that they are always in your heart, personalize this ring plate with any short name, initials, or just leave it blank with the texture of your choice. It is available in 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold fill, or 14K Gold.

Family Branch Necklace

You can’t bring your family with you anytime and anywhere, but you can always wear your memories with them. This lovely necklace will not just enhance your aesthetic but will also let your loved ones know that you are always thinking about them.

Have it customized with one letter or number engraved on each of the leaves of this Family Branch Necklace this Jewelry Cyber Monday Sale. Both the leaves and branch are available in rhodium, gold, and rose gold.

Family Birthstone Necklace

Do you want to have something that will symbolize your family but not in the usual way? This family birthstone necklace can do the work for you. There are 64 birthstones to choose from and you may pick up to 3 to personalize your necklace. This necklace won’t just represent your family but will also level up your outfit through its head-turning colors that will match with any shade of your outfit. Score a sapphire necklace or any cool birthstone necklace this Cyber Monday Sale.

Square Y Necklace

Stand out with this simple yet fancy and conspicuous accessory on your neck that suits well with anything in your wardrobe. Its 5 inches drop chain length will add flavor and sophistication to your outfit. The drop chain length can be changed to 3” or 4” depending on your preference. To add more personal touch to it, let us know if you want to put any character on the square or just leave it blank.

Heart Charms and Infinity Necklace

Infinity necklaces are a gorgeous, fashionable, and sentimental choice. With two heart charms on the sides of the infinity sign, this necklace is an expressive way to show how much you love and care. The meaning of infinity sign does not only apply to lovers but also to friendships and family making this jewelry a beautiful choice for a special someone. Make it uniquely yours through adding your and your beloved’s initials on each heart. 

State Charm Necklace

Show your love to your state or any state that is special to you with this jewelry. The state of your choice will be engraved on a large circle disc charm with the heart as your capital and you have the option to add your initial heart tag to represent where your heart is. It comes in 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, or 14K Rose Gold Filled. 

Fortune Cookie Lariat Necklace

Flaunt your good luck this Jewelry Cyber Monday Sale with this cute fortune cookie charm suspended on a long drop pendant necklace. For a chicer look, you can layer it with other delicate necklaces. The fortune cookie charm is available in Gold fill or Sterling Silver. To make it more fitting for your taste, you can request to change the chain length.


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