Jewelry Trends You'll Love to Style This 2021

Jewelry Trends You'll Love to Style This 2021

The promise of the new year--especially after the nightmare that was 2020--inspires and excites.

For many of us, the start of the year means fresh chances, novel opportunities, and enchanting possibilities.

And yes, that includes your style and wardrobe.

This 2021, get to know the hottest jewelry trends you’ll love to wear over and over in any season, and with any outfit.

Minimalist jewelry

Handmade jewelry with dainty, delicate, and classic styles are always a staple, but this year they are more on-trend than ever.

Minimalist jewelry such as delicate initial necklaces, or tiny monogram necklaces are great to wear alone, or layered for a cool, casual chic look.

Choose one that is made of sterling silver, gold-filled, or rose-gold filled, depending on your skin tone, mood, or the moment’s fancy.

With minimal effort, these elegant pieces take any plain tee, blouse, or dress, whether for that weekly conference on Zoom, or a quick run to the store, to the next level.

Check out this personalized cuff bracelet, which looks great whether stacked or worn on its own, or this long skinny bar necklace, which can be crafted with a satin, matte, or hammered finish.

Nature-inspired Jewelry

Take inspiration from nature with handmade jewelry featuring flora and fauna.

These pieces provide a refreshing element to your daily ensemble, such as these tiny leaf earrings, or these calla lily ones.

Or, let your inner mermaid shine with these adorable tiny starfish earrings, this stunning lotus leaf pearl necklace, or even these coin pearl earrings.

Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry are a unique way to express your individuality, remind yourself of a favorite quote, or bring back nostalgic memories.

A good place to start is personalized name jewelry, like this nameplate bar bracelet, which can have as many as 15 characters.

For a more special touch, try this signature handwriting bracelet, featuring your very own stylized depiction of your identity.

You can also opt for a necklace that only includes your initial, along with a gemstone for added sparkle and shine.

Speaking of gemstones, you may also consider selecting either your favorite gemstone, or even your birthstone in a Swarovski crystal bead rondelle.

Choose from garnet, tanzanite, emerald, aquamarine, topaz, sapphire, turquoise, peridot, carnelian, pink opal, mint opal, red coral, pink coral, and so many more.

Crystal pearls in white, cream, gold, vintage gold, rose peach, rosaline, bronze, powder almond, bordeaux, mauve, burgundy, night blue, light blue, among others, are also options for personalization.

Charms are also a fantastic way to add your unique touch to your jewelry.

Have your jewelry stamped with your initials, those of significant other, or other people you love.

Take a look at this small round disc necklace, tiny initial heart necklace, or this customized disc crystal necklace for inspiration.

Layered jewelry

Layering jewelry gives a surprising and often unexpected twist to your outfit. But with so many possible ways of layering jewelry, it can be quite tough to decide which pieces work best together.

Thankfully, many jewelry pieces available today are already layered in sets of two or more, keeping you from wasting time, or even committing a fashion faux pas.

This small circled layered necklace, for example, comes in two strands or three strands, and in various length options from child/choker, 16 inches, 17 inches, all the way to 22 inches.

This disc and bar layered necklace is also a favorite, and may even be personalized with up to 20 characters.

If you want to channel your bohemian, laid-back vibe, opt for this boho layered skinny bar with druzy necklace, which includes an eye-catching druzy that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Lariat necklaces on their own add an illusion of height, and can even make you seem like you lost a few pounds. When layered, the illusion is even more noticeable, as in this CZ diamond and long lariat hammered disc personalized layering necklace. For added glam, this piece features a rhodium or 16k gold-plated sterling silver cubic zirconia bead, or a thick sterling silver or gold-filled disc.

Ring in 2021 with these jewelry trends that can take your outfit from plain to polished and put-together in an instant. From minimalist jewelry to nature-inspired pieces to layered necklaces to personalized jewelry, these jewelry trends may not only complement your ensemble perfectly, but also lift your mood.

Style, mix, and match them with the clothes you already have in your closet, and discover the new and better version of yourself this year.

Or give them as gifts to loved ones, and remind them that after the maelstrom of 2020, there are things to be happy about and grateful for.

Indeed, there are still thousands of reasons to celebrate, and millions of reasons to sparkle and shine.


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