Celebrities Who Look Great at 50-Plus

Celebrities Who Look Great at 50-Plus

Times change and so does fashion. 

If you ever find yourself in a dilemma, not knowing which clothes to wear now that you’re in your 50s, we got you. We scoured the Internet for fashion ideas to know how to dress in your 50s and came up with this curated list of fashionable celebrities.

And don’t worry about not being able to pull off what they don.

What we have here are fashion icons who show us that we all can rock everyday outfits like it’s a red carpet day.

Celebrities Who Look Great at 50-Plus

Cindy Crawford, 54

Cindy Crawford's Instagram feed will tell you how much she loves wearing jeans and button-down shirts. To make them look even more fashionable she pairs them with equally dashing cardigans, blazers, and shoes. There are times she wears rompers, dresses, and gowns. But most of her photos are wearing mainly well-fitted jeans and chic blouses.

The key here is to find the right pair of pants and blouse for your body shape and skin color then you're good to go.

She also accessorizes with simple but dainty jewelry such as the ones in our collection.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, 56

The Italian fashion designer and the current creative director of Dior loves donning oversized clothes, either top or bottom. She makes them look even better by tucking in the top, accessorising with jewelry such as studs, or pairing it with a cardigan. She also has the clean vibe thanks to her neatly combed hair to the side. Her smoky expressive eyes add to the catchiness of her aura. Overall her outfits are something that combines comfort and fashion.

Elle McPherson, 56

It’s no surprise that Australian model, actress, and businesswoman Elle McPherson can don different types of clothing from suits, corporate attire, Jeans and Sir to leather skirt knee-high boots and turtle neck blouse. One thing that makes her stand out the most, however, is her love for statement jewelry. Almost every outfit she wears is paired with a bold necklace bracelet and even anklet. Get her look by buying these in our collection.

Michelle Obama, 56

Michelle Obama's Fashion sense is normally conveying power, confidence, and femininity rolled into one. Looking at it on the superficial side, you'll not us that she's wearing plain but matching items. Which means whatever the color of his top is, that will be the color of his pants or skirt. Usually adds bold statement earrings to the mix. To complete the look she finishes up with neatly brushed hair and contagious smile.

Robin Wright, 54

Three words summarise Robin Wright’s fashion sense: comfortable, simple, elegant. Looking at her Instagram page, we noticed how most of her clothes or jeans and button-down shirt. They come in two colors too: usually black and white. Despite the absence of vibrant colors and intricate designs, she looks classy in them thanks to how she carries herself, exuding confidence that is. The dainty pieces of jewellery she wears also add to the unique impression she portrays.

Viola Davis, 55

The common denominator in Viola Davis’ outfits are dresses, the simple, wearable kind yet classy in any angle. We say wearable because her dresses are unlike other celebrities’ you can’t go to a formal dinner with your friends with. Hers is simply designed, usually in one color yet elegant for dinner even with the most powerful man in the country. She also wears classy cardigans and blazers over her dresses that make her look even more sophisticated.

She pairs her outfit with statement jewelry either a necklace or a pair of dangle earrings.

Nicole Kidman, 53

On the red carpet, Nicole Kidman is a Hollywood darling. Off of it? she still is actually. In most of her Instagram posts, she’s looking posh and all dolled up. And we’re not using “doll” figuratively. Her body shape, skin and hair color, her outfits, and even her posture give out that figurine look you can’t help but admire.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for a date night or a formal business party, head on to Nicole Kidman’s page and you won’t be disappointed.

Celine Dion, 52

Looking at Celine Dion’s Instagram profile, we can’t pinpoint a specific pattern in her outfit. Or at least something that she wears more often than the others although we find that her clothes are either body-hugging or loose. 

However, we noticed that she has a penchant for shoes. Every Instagram photo we saw, she’s wearing footwear we didn’t see before. 

She’s not afraid to pair them with her outfits, which we think is enticing. What we thought is impossible to pull off together, she does so effortlessly.

Julianne Moore, 59

One of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood is one of the best dressed for us on and off the red carpet. Her IG feed shows both her homey outfits and red carpet looks, and all we can say is she is unpretentious in any way. Yet she looks stunning every single time. She doesn’t have to don dresses with peculiar styles. They are svelte and sophisticated just as she is.

Her jewelry is also almost always inconspicuous yet dainty. just like our studs.

Emmanuelle Alt, 53

Emmanuelle Alt has her own way of making basic pants, tops, blazers, and jackets without looking, well, basic. In fact, when she dons them, it’s far from basic. It’s more like chic, youthful appearance uniques to hers. One look and you’ll know she works in fashion. We guess that’s not surprising given she’s the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. Correction: has been since 2011.

Sandra Bullock, 56

Another Hollywood darling, Sandra Bullock never misses to impress us with her girl-next-door outfits. She doesn’t have an Instagram feed, but the Internet is full of her looks from the red carpet, interviews, and casual errand runs. In all her outfits, she priorities comfort without compromising sophistication.

The Takeaways

Based on this list, this is how we should dress in our 50s. Our wardrobe should contain these items:

  1. Well-fitted jeans and button-down shirts
  2. Oversized clothes that complement our body shape
  3. Statement jewelry
  4. Matching clothes
  5. Classy cardigans and blazers
  6. Lots and lots of shoes you can mix and match with your outfit

Also, these celebrities taught us a lot of things about dressing up. In sum, it’s not about the price or style of the outfit. It’s about how you carry them; how you feel good in it. Your confidence is your best asset in every style because it is what speaks loudest when people look at you. You don’t have to go over-the-top to look good. Just work on your confidence and the rest will follow.



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