20s Style: 10 Items You MUST Have in Your Closet

20s Style: 10 Items You MUST Have in Your Closet

If you ask fashion experts, most, if not all, of them will tell you “age-appropriate” outfits do not exist. What’s important is for you to feel good in your ensemble. Hence, the number one response to “how to dress in your 20s” for female is “be confident.

While it IS true that confidence is the number 1 requirement in fashion and without it, even the most stylish dress will make you look sloppy and dull, we believe that for every age bracket there should be the must-haves.

These are the items you can pick any time and feel good in it, without having to worry whether it’s age-appropriate or not.

How To Dress in your 20s: The Must-Haves

Denim jacket

Denim jackets have been a staple in almost every closet these days, but we think there’s something about them and being in your 20s that just match. Maybe it’s the youthfulness, the carefree feeling, or it’s just us.

Whatever it is, we highly recommend a denim jacket in your closet. Marie Claire agrees. According to this style mag, denim is “so versatile that it isn't tucked away when seasons change and can adapt into new looks as your style evolves.”

We concur.

We’ve seen denim jackets over denim jeans, cute dresses, casual shirts...and it looks good on all of them.

It’s like the magic pill that can turn a formal dress into a casual one and boring ensemble into a rocking outfit.

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Cocktail dress

A night out with friends, formal dinners with clients, and after-work parties are very common when in your 20s. Hence, for these events, you must have that outfit that’ll make you look fab and comfy at the same time.

However, note that some cocktail dresses may not be a fit for all cocktail events. A fancy cocktail, for example, may not work for a summer cocktail event by the beach. You have to adjust accordingly.

So we suggest having at least three cocktail dresses in your closet, one for each type of occasion--fancy, summer, and laidback night out with others.

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Fitted jeans

It’s been more than a century since denim jeans were invented, and they have never left our closets since then. The comfort they give plus the vibe they help us create is undeniable.

While they are a staple and highly recommended for everyone, we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with your body type. Some types of jeans may do more harm than good for your shape and size.

Stichfix has an awesome explanation of these types along with the wash and fit formula.

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Since its inception in the 1920s, thanks to Coco Chanel, the little black dress or LBD has never disappeared from the fashion industry. It has had many iterations over the years, but one message remains the same: LBD will always stay.

Vogue magazine explains why this could be the case: It can go from casual daywear to an elegant evening look with one quick change of jewelry or pair of shoes.

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“The holy grail of work attire” as one article puts it, blazers must be a part of your closet. It transforms almost any outfit into a formal one. It’s perfect for those unexpected meetings with a client or instant company dinner parties.

Different types of blazers are out there, but we recommend a black or white one with one or no buttons. 

Blazers are not to be confused with suit jackets. The latter usually comes with a matching pair of pants while blazers are standalone jackets.

Wearing a blazer depends solely on the individual. Just make sure that it fits you well and you’re comfortable in it.

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The Trendspotter writes, “a cardigan is an easy way to tie an outfit together.” Having different styles and cuts, a cardigan is something you can wear the whole year round on any occasion.

Plus, it goes well for all body types and with almost any outfit. The classic one is a pair of jeans and a simple tee, but the latest trends in fashion made it possible to pair it with dresses too. 

What’s important is you find the best length for your body type and height.

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Button-down blouse

Aside from the LBD, the button-down blouse is also another transformable fashion wear. The difference, though, is you can style a button-down blouse almost any style you want. Plus, you almost don’t need any accessory to make it work.

MyDomaine suggests 11 ways to wear this blouse from a crop top, oversized shirt, to a tucked-in blouse. 

You can even wear it as standalone clothing, assuming you have the oversized one in your closet. Just pair it with a belt to make it shapely.

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Leather jacket

Are leather jackets still in style this 2020?

We asked the same question and found out, yes, it is definitely in style this 2020, particularly in winter when you need extra warmth to fight the coldness outside.

Note, however, that leather jackets provide that rock-inspired edge, which makes them “not-so-appropriate” for formal gatherings. Wearing them at work may raise eyebrows as well unless you’re donning them on casual Fridays.

Nonetheless, it’s a perfect fashion item if you want to conquer the streets looking chic, confident, with a hint of avant-gardism.

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Boots that are usually worn during the cold winter months have now evolved into fashionable footwear we can’t leave without. Several designers have transformed it into different styles so we can have at least one pair for every season and occasion.

What we love about boots the most is the unparalleled comfort it brings. If you’re wearing the right pair, that is.

Plus, we have a little secret. Want in? Boots can hide your small items just in case you’re too lazy to take your purse with you. Keys, lipstick, and small comb can all fit!

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It’s no secret that the oldest known footwear is the sandals. Biblical characters, ancient warriors, and prehistoric rulers all relied on sandals to protect their feet from the harshness of the outdoors.

Every celebrity we’ve seen have their pair of this footwear they proudly wear outdoors, and rightfully so. Sandals are light and breathable. It doesn’t expose your feet to the risk of ingrown toenails.

They’re good for quick trips to the park or beach when all you want to do is relax. 

What’s more, sandals go with different types of clothes from long goddess-inspired dresses to the classic short shorts and shirt combination. 

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