10 Affordable Self-Care Ideas You Didn’t Know About

10 Affordable Self-Care Ideas You Didn’t Know About

Self-care is one of the most important things that we should consider but oftentimes put on the sidelines especially amidst our busy schedules. Without proper ideas for self-care, our body will eventually respond negatively and might put us into physical and psychological disadvantages. According to experts, taking care of ourselves is necessary to maintain a positive relationship with ourselves and other people. It helps in boosting our self-esteem and confidence as well, aside from the fact it helps us in ensuring a motivated and healthy mind and body.

There are various self-care tips--from the affordable ones to the ultra-expensive.

Here are 10 affordable self-care ideas that you didn’t know about.

1. Walk under the trees. There are studies which showed that walking under the trees in the forest or “forest bathing” is an effective activity which improves health and well-being. It helps in alleviating stress, depression, anxieties and anger. Taking a break once in a while into the woods would be a great idea to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. This self-care tip is essential in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

2. Put down your thoughts into writing. If you cannot say it, write it! Try putting your thoughts into words. Just write aimlessly and jot down spontaneously all the things that come into your mind. Also, try writing a letter to someone who disappointed you a lot. If it is not something that will escalate more trouble, you can hand it or send it to that person. You can also write a letter to someone you hold dear and pour out your heart’s content. It could be your parent, your boyfriend, a sibling, or your very close friend or relative. Writing them a letter could somehow further strengthen your bond or relationship with them. This activity will also help you in unloading what you have in mind and you will feel better afterwards.

3. Try a new hobby. Try doing something that you haven’t done before. It could be gardening which is so rewarding. Try growing something such as a nice ornamental or even a vegetable patch. You’ll have a nice garden to tend to every day plus the harvesting time is so rewarding. Also, you can try learning a piano piece, crocheting, photography, or anything that you feel like giving a try.  A new hobby could break the boredom and stress out of your hectic routines.

4. Glam up! Even if there’s no occasion to attend to, give yourself time for something glamorous. Take that much-needed manicure and pedicure, put on your favorite outfit and stroll aimlessly in your favorite place. Glamming up will boost your self-confidence and your self-esteem. So, glam up even if there’s nothing so special about the day.

5. Connect with a long-lost friend or a relative. There are things or experiences in life that you always wanted to go back to. Relive those memories through connecting with someone you shared those happy moments with, especially if that person has been out of touch for a very long time. Connect with them through a phone call, a text, or a chat and recall those happy memories. This self-care idea will not just take you to your past moments but it will also re-establish your relationship with that person.

6. Reward yourself. Give yourself a pat in the back for all your hard work. Reward yourself with the things that you’ve been wanting to have. It could be a nice dress or shoes or that jewelry you’ve been longing to have. Giving yourself a present from time to time will help in boosting your confidence and a determination to strive more in your chosen field. It is an affirmation that you are doing great as you are able to provide your own needs and wants.

7. Go for a picnic/camping. Once in a while, organize an activity that will help in creating happy moments with your family or friends. Go for a picnic or camping. Find a nice spot to picnic out outdoors such as parks or in the woods. If it is not possible, you can set up a picnic or camping right in your backyard if you have ample space at home. Involve each family member in cooking foods and preparing the setup. Put up camp tents and complete the set up with bonfires. Share stories over a bonfire party and laugh together with your loved ones. Activities such as this will help in fostering a stronger bond between family members, which is vital in keeping your emotional and psychological being healthier.

8. Read. Try reading a good book. Level up your reading experience by creating a reading corner in your home where you could comfortably indulge yourself. Put an extra comfortable couch in your reading corner along with a book collection of what you want to read next. Spice up the ambience even more by lighting a scented candle and playing soothing instrumental music in the background. This experience will surely make your mind explore the world of the books you are reading while giving your body the relaxation it deserves.

9. Try extraordinary/crazy adventures. To break free from your boring and stressful routines, try giving yourself an extraordinary adventure. Conquer your fears and engage in activities that will pump your adrenaline. Try trekking a mountain, bungee jumping, zipline, and other extreme sports if you can. Challenge yourself to do some things that you previously feared. Once you are able to conquer your fear, you will find satisfaction and confidence. It will likewise give a feeling of empowerment where you could conquer any challenge that will come along the way in your real-world--be it in your workplace or in your personal relationships.

10. Star watching. If you want an activity that will not let you spend a single penny but is equally relaxing, try star-watching or star gazing. In your backyard or at your rooftop, put a mat and lay down on your back. Stare at the vast sky sprinkled with stars for minutes or even hours. Contemplate about life and the universe and find comfort in knowing how lucky you are to be part of this vast and wonderful world. Doing this would give you a sense of peace and tranquillity and maybe a whole new perspective about the life you lead. Do this self-care idea for at once a week or twice a month to give yourself a chance to take a look deeply at yourself and at the world before you.

What we're saying is...

There are various self-care ideas that we can do depending on our lifestyles and personalities. No matter what we do, we need to pamper ourselves from time to time to recharge and give our body and mind the break that they deserve. After all, a healthier version of ourselves will eventually radiate positive things within and in the people around us. It is essential in keeping ourselves at its optimum capability and give us the ability to perform better in our roles in the workplace, in our home, and in our community.

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